Numismatics is the study of all forms of currency including coins, tokens and paper money, as well as such similar items of an artistic or commemorative nature.

Coins of precious metal were first produced around 600 B.C. in ancient Anatolia. Since then there have been coinages in the names of countless rulers and civilizations.

Today fiat coinage and banknotes are issued worldwide in over 180 different currencies.

Numismatics is a subject of almost endless variety, for the purposes of both collecting and historical inquiry.

Collecting coins, banknotes, and medals is a hobby that can be enjoyed at very little cost, or if you prefer - at great cost and potentially profitable investment!

Joining a club such as the Ipswich Numismatic Society is the best way to gain practical knowledge in this field, and to meet like-minded individuals with an interest in history, art and antiquity.

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